DNN Ate My Database

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a shiny V Series to run their favourite CMS on, not everyone is lucky enough to have a favourite CMS that isn’t the scourge of shared hosting. Unfortunately you and this scribbler are living … Continue reading

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Moving your Umbraco website to Pipe Ten

In this guide we are going to walk though moving your Umbraco installation over to host with us here at Pipe Ten. This guide should be the same process for all Umbraco versions and is for our Windows hosting enviroment … Continue reading

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Kentico 8 – Installation

Kentico 8 has been redesigned from the ground up,  whether it’s a CMS, e-commerce shop or an online community Kentico 8 is a out of the box powerful solution for all your website requirements. In this guide we are going … Continue reading

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DotNetNuke (DNN) installation guide

In this tutorial we are going to walk though the installation of the popular .NET CMS DotNetNuke on our Windows hosting packages. This installation is a little trickier than other CMS installs and does require you to switch from .NET … Continue reading

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Run larger websites with Pipe Ten

You can now run even larger websites on Pipe Ten’s standard shared hosting plans as inclusive database allocations have now been increased at no extra cost. The base Venture packages now come with 3 databases included to match the new allocation of … Continue reading


Exporting and Importing stored procedures MSSQL

In this guide we are going to walk you through exporting and importing your MSSQL stored procedures within SQL management studio.


Shared SQL Server 2008

All shared web hosting customers now have the option to use either MS SQL Server 2008 rather than MS SQL Server 2005.

Connecting to MS SQL Server using MS SQL Server Management Studio

In this tutorial we will show you how to connect to a MS SQL server using MS SQL Server Management Studio. In here you can do database queries in a few clicks.


How to use MyLittleBackup

In this tutorial we are going to walk you through backing up your MSSQL databases using MyLittleBackup. This back up process will create a .bak file. myLittleBackup for SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 is the first Backup/Restore solution specially … Continue reading


How to back up your hosting account

This page has been designed to be a one stop guide to help you back up all of your Pipe Ten website’s data, we will show you how to create a full back up of your hosting account including databases, … Continue reading


Switching MS SQL database servers

There is an occasional requirement to manually move your database from one server to another. Typically this is required as the result of an account migration between data centres.

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Explained: Warning (Approaching resource limit)

If you receive an email with the title “Warning (Approaching resource limit)” it means that you are approaching or exceeding some of the inclusive resources on your hosting package. Explanations of what these resources are and what each warning means … Continue reading


Explained: Warning (Approaching resource limit) – MySQL Quota or MSSQL Quota

When you reach approach or exceed the default size of your hosting packages inclusive database quota/storage you will receive an email to the primary account contact with the subject “Warning (Approaching resource limit)”. This post provides further information on what … Continue reading

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MS SQL Server Management Studio 2008

When connecting to an MS Sql 2005 Server using MS SQL Server Management Studio 2008 you may come across an error “Failed to retrieve data for this request (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.sdk.sfc)”. This in turn will prevent you from being able to connect … Continue reading

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MS SQL Server Management

Support for the old MS SQL Manager that used to be available via the online control panel has been removed.  This was because of the lack of functionality, security risks and general poor performance that the third party package was … Continue reading

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New SQL 2005 Administration Utility

Pipe Ten are please to announce a beta release of MyLittleAdmin, the web based administration tool for SQL servers.

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New SQL Server 2005 backup facility

Due to popular request Pipe Ten have now launched their exciting new SQL Server 2005 backup facility using MyLlttleBackup. All customers that have databases on Pipe Ten’s MSSQL server can now log in to the new online backup facility to … Continue reading

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How do I import or export MSSQL database?

Please note this guide will only copy database tables, not stored procedures, views, functions, or SQL rules.

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How do I connect to my MSSQL database using Enterprise Manager?

You can obtain Enterprise Manager by downloading MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) from Microsoft

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How do I manage my MSSQL database?

There are a range of clients available for managing your MS SQL 2005 database and they all should work with Pipe Ten’s servers without a problem. Each client offers slightly different functionality and licensing. Below are two of the more … Continue reading

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