Kartris installation guide

Kartris is an ASP.NET e-commerce application that features a CMS catalogue system, shopping cart, payment systems and full administration back end. It is designed to run on Microsoft’s IIS web server, and exploits the powerful caching and optimization features of … Continue reading


Umbraco security issue – Versions 4, 6 & 7

As the Umbraco CMS is getting more popular, more people are using for high profile websites and are having the code audited. Yesterday Umbraco published the findings of these independent security audits.


Exporting and Importing stored procedures MSSQL

In this guide we are going to walk you through exporting and importing your MSSQL stored procedures within SQL management studio.


Shared SQL Server 2008

All shared web hosting customers now have the option to use either MS SQL Server 2008 rather than MS SQL Server 2005.

Tutorial: How to install Orchard

In this guide I’m going to go through the installation of Orchard onto your Windows Hosting account.

Top 5 Linux/Windows Forum Solutions

In this article we are going to talk about what we believe are the top 5 open-source Linux/Windows based forum solutions. Remember, any that can run on Linux can also run on Windows, but not the other way round, especially … Continue reading

Tutorial: nopCommerce installation

nopCommerce is one of the best open source e-commerce solutions. A solution with extensive amounts of comprehensive features which is easy to use for new online businesses, yet powerful enough for the most advanced e-commerce expert. It’s secure, scalable and … Continue reading


Manually clearing your Magneto cache

Sometimes when moving, migrating or changing domain names for your Magento installation you may run in to issues with the cache redirecting users to the old domain. This can make it difficult to login to the administration section to clear … Continue reading

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Connecting to MS SQL Server using MS SQL Server Management Studio

In this tutorial we will show you how to connect to a MS SQL server using MS SQL Server Management Studio. In here you can do database queries in a few clicks.


How to use MyLittleBackup

In this tutorial we are going to walk you through backing up your MSSQL databases using MyLittleBackup. This back up process will create a .bak file. myLittleBackup for SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 is the first Backup/Restore solution specially … Continue reading


YAF.NET (Yet another forum) installation guide

  Create an online community or extend your current website to incorporate a forum for your users, clients or friends. Yet another forum (YAF.NET) is a mature, stable and open source .NET (Windows) based community forum software. It can integrate with … Continue reading


How to back up your hosting account

This page has been designed to be a one stop guide to help you back up all of your Pipe Ten website’s data, we will show you how to create a full back up of your hosting account including databases, … Continue reading


Sage Frame Installation guide

SageFrame is a highly extensible open source CMS that helps you build your site, and builds it to perfection. It empowers you with all the essential tools required for developing custom modules, applications, templates and various-purpose websites with ease and … Continue reading


mojoPortal Installation Guide

MojoPortal is an open source, mobile friendly content management system and web site framework for .NET on Windows. MojoPortal includes  many features like Blogs, Forums, Event Calendars, Google and Bing Maps, Contact Forms, Polls, Surveys, Audio and Video Players, ecommerce … Continue reading


Switching MS SQL database servers

There is an occasional requirement to manually move your database from one server to another. Typically this is required as the result of an account migration between data centres.

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Pipe Ten still the best value for MS SQL hosting

8 years on and Pipe Ten still offer some of the best deals for MS SQL Server hosting. Take our Windows Venture package for example, it is still just £5 per month and comes with a 100 MB MS SQL … Continue reading

Explained: Warning (Approaching resource limit)

If you receive an email from or .com with the title “Warning (Approaching resource limit)” it means that you are approaching or exceeding some of the inclusive resources on your hosting package. Explanations of what these resources are and … Continue reading


Explained: Warning (Approaching resource limit) – MySQL Quota or MSSQL Quota

When you reach approach or exceed the default size of your hosting packages inclusive database quota/storage you will receive an email from or .com to the primary account contact with the subject “Warning (Approaching resource limit)”. This post provides … Continue reading

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MS SQL Server Management Studio 2008

When connecting to an MS Sql 2005 Server using MS SQL Server Management Studio 2008 you may come across an error “Failed to retrieve data for this request (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.sdk.sfc)”. This in turn will prevent you from being able to connect … Continue reading

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MS SQL Server Management

Support for the old MS SQL Manager that used to be available via the online control panel has been removed.  This was because of the lack of functionality, security risks and general poor performance that the third party package was … Continue reading

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