Using a remote email server for your Pipe Ten hosted domains

  1. Select Domain Settings > Domain Info
  2. Click the green Disable icon to disable Pipe Ten mail services.
  3. Click the Edit icon in the DNS Configuration section.
  4. Ensure that all Built in MX records have been removed by using the Delete icon next to any that remain.
  5. Create a custom MX record as outlined here.

  6. Once finished, your DNS page should look similar to the following image.

That’s it, please allow up to 24 hours for the DNS to propagate.

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4 Responses to Using a remote email server for your Pipe Ten hosted domains

  1. Ambrose says:


    Would it be possible to add more than one MX record? My email server provider offers 2 servers for redundancy purposes.


  2. Carl says:

    Hi Ambrose,
    Yes, simply add an additional MX with a different priority.


  3. paul says:

    should item “F” be added to re-enable the Mail Service to “ON”?

  4. Hello Paul,

    When using an external mail service the mail service on the control panel needs to remain off.

    Kind Regards,

    Matt Scully
    Pipe Ten Support Team

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