Tutorial: Webshell Password Protect Wizard

A quick FAQ on how to password protect a directory in your web space using the control panels password protect wizard built into WebShell/FileManager.

  1. To access Webshell you will first need to login to your hosting control panel here.
  2. You will then need to login to WebShell by navigating to FTP/User Account > FTP User > click the login icon under File Manager.
  3. Once logged in click the ‘Protect’ button located at the bottom of the page.  This will open the protect wizard in a new window.
  4. Use the wizard to navigate to the directory you want to password protect and click on the ‘Blue Folder’ icon next to the directory name.
  5. On the next step the wizard will create a ‘.htmaster’ directory and ‘.ok_user’ file to store your username(s) and password(s).  To create a user click ‘Edit’ button next the the “/.htmaster/.ok_user path”.
  6. Create your user by filling in the requested information:
  7. You will now have created a user that you will need to access your protected directory.  At this point you can add a new user by clicking the ‘+add’ button (a) and repeating step 6 or click the ‘close’ button (b) if finished.
  8. You will be taken back to the user file page, click ‘Next’.
  9. Click the ‘save’ button to save the changes and protect your directory.
  10. Click the ‘X’ on the left hand menu to close the wizard.  Your directory is now password protected.

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