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Create an online community or extend your current website to incorporate a forum for your users, clients or friends.

Yet another forum (YAF.NET) is a mature, stable and open source .NET (Windows) based community forum software. It can integrate with other open source .Net CMS’ such as DotNetNuke, MojoPortal & Umbraco.

This guide has been updated, please see the new installation guide.

Installation guide


  1. Download the source code. For this tutorial we used version (if in doubt please contact support through the usual channels).
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to a directory to your local machine. Go to the newly extracted files and locate the file recommended-web.config and rename it to web.config.
  3. We now need to set the correct .Net version for your domain. Login to your hosting control panel.
    Domain Settings  -> Domain info -> Choose your domain, Then click edit next to Web Service then scroll down to .NET version and change to .NET4 and Integrated Pipeline Mode.
    We have a list of what .NET versions on available on what servers here
  4. Create your MSSQL database and associated user.
  5. Using ftp, upload the contents of the extracted zip file from step 2 to your chosen directory/domain.
  6. Visit to begin the online installation process

Online Installation

  1. Once the page has loaded you should see something similar to the following:
    Click Test permissions. You should see a red Medium and two green yes‘.
    Click the button.
  2. Create your installation password. Remember this for future updates/upgrades.
  3. Tick “Create new connection string” and untick “Use integrated security”.
    Fill in the MSSQL details that we created earlier and click next.
  4. The installer will now generate your connection string.
    Open db.config and replace line 3 with the code generated by the installer.
  5. Once you’ve edited your db.config file click next and test database connection.
    You should receive a green Connection succeeded message.
    If you get a red error message double check your database connection details.
  6. Untick “Upgrade BBCode Extensions, File Extensions and Topic Status Lists” and click next.
    Please note, the next page will take a moment to load.
  7. Name your forum, choose your preferred time-zone and create your administrative user and click next.

Congratulations, you now have a fully functional forum community, if you have any useful tips please do comment below.

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