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Softaculous, a simple interface that lets you install and keep updated over 50 popular Linux web applications including Magento, Joomla and WordPress is now available on the following Linux shared hosting servers:


Where can I find softaculous / one click software installs?

    1. Login to your hosting control panel.


    1. Within the navigation go to ‘Domain Settings’ > ‘Domain Info’ (select a domain if multiple domains).


    1. Click EDIT next to ‘Web Service’.


    1. Click the SETUP icon next to ‘Softaculous Applications Settings’ to launch softaculous.

How can I install an application?

Please see this guide for installing Softaculous applications.

Will I be billed for installing applications?

Softaculous is provided free of charge to shared hosting customers on supporting servers.
Most installable applications require the use of a database and by default a new installed application will create a new databases unless otherwise specified. If the number of databases/applications installed exceeds the number included in your quote then you WILL BE BILLED for any usage above your quota.

I get an error “Error 404: File Not Found” when clicking the “Softaculous Applications Settings” link, why?

    1. Login to your hosting control panel.


    1. Within the navigation go to ‘FTP/User Account’ > ‘FTP User’.


  1. Find the text ‘Host Name’ and ensure your server supports Softaculous above.

I get an SSL error when clicking the “Softaculous Applications Settings” link, why?

In order to maintain white-branding for resellers it is necessary that softaculous operate under and IP address rather than URL and as such we have self-signed the SSL for this service. Please accept or disregard the warnings with respect to the SSL on this service.

When will Softaculous be available on my server?

Shared Servers:

We will be looking to deploy it to other existing shared servers based on interest, demand and support. Please contact the support team if you’d like to use Softaculous but it is not available on your server.


Whilst resellers with accounts on the above listed servers will be able to access softaculous it will not be possible for you to brand or modify the softaculous control panel however we do intend to keep it white-branded for these reasons.

Cloud and Physical:

Softaculous can be made available to cloud and physical servers on request from the support team.

Windows servers:

Softaculous is presently focused around PHP and MySQL applications and as such there are no plans to bring it to Windows.

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