Pipe Ten Control Panel Designs

There are several different styles available for your Pipe Ten hosting control panel, to suit your own personal tastes and help you work more efficiently. Below is a run down of them all.

  1. Parallels Panel
  2. parallels

    The Parallels Panel is the most recent design added to system and has quickly become the preferred choice for customers to opt for. It is quick, intuitive, easy to navigate and is one of the best hosting control panel designs on the market.

  3. Left Menu
  4. cp-left

    This is our traditional control panel design which we’ve been using since 2002. It may not look the flashiest but is very intuitive and efficient. Certainly a good starting point for the more novice user.

  5. WinXP Reloaded
  6. cp-xp

    Inspired back in the day from the success of Microsoft’s Windows XP interface, WinXP Reloaded is a control panel with a good layout that is very easy on the eye.

  7. XPressia
  8. cp-xpressia

    Xpressia was a work of art back in 2004, but is still a preferred and efficient way to work for many people by using its drop down navigation to quickly jump to any section within the control panel.

To select your chosen control panel design:

  1. Select Look and Feel in the Account menu.
  2. Select the skin from the Choose Design drop-down box. You will see the skin preview. Click the Choose button.
  3. If your chosen design allows you can also select an icon set in the Choose Icon Set box. You will see the preview of images from this icon set. Click the Set button.
  4. Set Tooltips state. This option determines whether or not to show hints at the top of each page.

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