OpCache for PHP5.5

OpCacheOpCache is a caching engine built-in to PHP5.5 which can be used to store pre-compiled PHP bytecode within memory, reducing the need disk access, increasing performance and load times.

If you are using APC or Xcache, you will already be familiar with how byte-code and opcache caching works, otherwise we recommend you take a look at these excellent resources and of course the PHP manual.

How to enable OpCache caching:

To enable OpCache within PHP5.5 on your server, please contact the support team as it will not enabled by default so as to not cause caching confusion (changes to PHP files already cached by OpCache would not be seen without force-ably clearing the cache first).

Once enabled at the server level, PHP/OpCache will automatically start to cache your PHP files and often result in immediate performance benefits*.

To check the status of OpCache, which files are being cached and to reset the cache when changes are made, we recommend the opcache-status scripts from the legendary Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP founder) which can be simply downloaded, uploaded and visited. For WordPress users the “OPCache Dashboard” plugin is easily installed for the same purpose.

* Testing always recommended.

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