Joomla Security: Anti-Malware Scan Script

Joomla Hosting TutorialsIn this article I will be talking about how you can utilise the JAMMS script to help take identify malware within your Joomla! installations.

What is it?

JAMSS (Joomla! Anti-Malware Scan Script) is a tool intended to assist with the finding and identification of potentially corrupted files in your web directory associated with your Joomla! installation.

JAMSS will not make any changes to your website or web content. It will also not remove any vulnerabilities that it finds. The hard work has to be done by yourself.

What does it do?

JAMSS will scan your website directory looking for known exploits/vulnerabilities. It is worth noting that there are possibilities of false positives. This means that it might find something that isn’t an exploit and is harmless code. This script is to be used as a guideline. If you are unsure of something, it is best to contact a developer for further assistance.

Just because JAMSS might not find anything within your web directory, doesn’t mean that the website is clean. No scanner is 100% accurate especially as new ways of exploiting websites are crafted, this will be unknown to the script to begin with.

It is important that you don’t delete all the files that the script reports, this is because of the above mentioned false positives, You will more than likely break your Joomla! installation by doing this. Most exploits inject code into existing files, fixing the issue would be removing the injected code rather than deleting the files completely.

This is a third party script, it has not been developed by the Joomla! team. This tool should be used at your own risk.

Where can I get it?

If you’d like to check the script out or find further information, you can do so here

If you have tried this script and find it helpful, please use the comments section below to describe your experience.

Further reading:

If you have any comments or useful scripts worth mentioning, pop them in the comment section below.

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