Installing v2.2.3

yafnetIn this guide we’re going walk though the installation of the newly updated, Yet Another Forum.

You will need a good text editor to make the changes to the web.config and other files, while the default windows Notepad application will work, I recommend Notepad ++.

Please note this software is designed for our Windows hosting environments only.


  1. Setup a MSSQL database and associated user.
  2. Setup a dedicated application pool, using .NET 4 and integrated pipeline mode, untick Enable 32-bit applications support and assign the dedicated application pool to you’re domain.
  3. Download the latest Install package.
  4. Extract the downloaded .zip file to your local machine.
  5. Rename recommended.web.config to web.config
  6. Generate a Machine Key. Copy and paste the generated machine key to your web.config, over writing the default entry.
  7. While still in the web.config file, around line 140, update <modules> to
  8. <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests=”true” >
  9. Edit the db.config file, remove the contents and paste the following. Replacing the text formatted LIKE_THIS_EXAMPLE with your MSSQL database details.
  10. <connectionStrings>
    <!-- Connection String for Pipe Ten Database -->
    <add name="yafnet" connectionString="Server=INSERT_HOSTNAME_HERE;Database=INSERT_DATABASE_HERE;User ID=INSERT_USERNAME_HERE;Password=INSERT_PASSWORD_HERE;Trusted_Connection=False;Encrypt=false;Connection Timeout=30;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />
  11. Edit the mail.config file with the following (check the correct webform host):
  12. <network host="" port="25" password="" userName=""/>
  13. Open and edit the app.config file add your password to the following line, and click Next.
  14. <add key="YAF.ConfigPassword" value="YOUR_PASSWORD"/>
  15. Upload the contents of the extracted folder to your domains folder via FTP.
  16. Visit your domain to begin the online installation process.

Online installation

  1. Visit
  2. yaf1

  3. Click test, to validate the permissions. You should see 3 green boxes, if not ensure you’ve assigned the application pool correctly. Then click Next.
  4. yaf2

  5. Select Use Existing DB Connection String and ensure YAFNET is selected from the drop down.
    Click Test Connection. If everything is correct, you will see a Connection Succeeded message. ClickNext.
  6. yaf3

  7. Enter a to and from email to test the SMTP settings then click Next.
  8. yaf4

  9. Now you can choose to enable Full text search support. Click Next.
  10. Enter your board (forum) details, the forum email address and create a new Admin user and click Next.
  11. .yaf6

  12. That’s it, you’ve now setup YAF forum!
  13. yaf7

As always, if you notice any issues with the installation process please let us know below.

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