I received an email from Domain SEO Service Registration Corp. Is this real?

At some point you may have received an email from “Domain SEO Service Registration Corp.” While on the surface it may look legitimate, it is not and should be ignored in all cases.

While masquerading as a domain renewal, this scam is actually attempting to fool users into purchasing search engine optimisation.
If you do receive this email you should simply mark it as spam and ignore or delete it. The unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the email should not be pressed.

How do the scammers know my details?

Your domain is located through a whois search which contains information on the registrant.
Using this information an official looking email is sent to the registrant attempting to sell SEO services under the guise of a domain renewal.

Purchasing Whois protection can help mitigate the retrieval of details linked to your domain.

What does the email look like?


In closing, if you receive an email like this you should not, nor are you obligated to reply. Simply mark the email as spam and delete it!

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