Tutorial: FTP to your hosting account using Adobe Dreamweaver CC

A quick FAQ on how to connect to your Pipe Ten shared hosting account and upload files using the web development application Dreamweaver CC 2017.

Setting up your FTP details in Dreamweaver

  1. Locate the FTP details you’ll need to connect to the server. These are:
  2. 1.1.FTP Username: This can be different or shorter than your control panel username.
    1.2.FTP Password: This is by default the same as your control panel password but if modified will be different.
    1.3.FTP Host name: This is the server/host name on which your account resides.

  3. In Dreamweaver: Select Site > Manage Sites
  4. dreamweaver-2

  5. Click New Site to set up a new site, or select a pre-existing and click Edit
  6. dreamweaver-3-fixed

  7. Go to the Servers Tab -> Click Add new server.
  8. dreamweaver-4-fixed

    4.1. Connect Using: Select FTP from the Access drop-down box
    4.2. FTP Address: Fill in you FTP host with the host name gathered in step 1
    4.3. Username: In the Login text box enter you FTP Username as gathered in step 1
    4.4. Password: In the Password text box, enter your FTP Password as gathered in step 1
    4.5. Web URL: The Web URL should automatically fill based on the FTP address you placed in 4.2


     Finally, Select the Save option. If all boxes were input correctly you should receive the following message.


Uploading pages to the server

  1. Check the ‘Files‘ menu within Dreamweaver is enabled.  Window > Files (or pressing the F8 key).
  2. dreamweaver-6

  3. Click the Expand to show local and remote sites.
  4. dreamweaver_2016-11-15_12-31-08

  5. Click the ‘Put File(s)‘ arrow to upload your files to you remote host. They will then be uploaded to the location you defined when you setup the FTP settings.
  6. Click the ‘Get File(s)‘ arrow to download your files to your local host.
  7. They will then be downloaded to your local website folder.

NOTE: These instructions are made for Dreamweaver CC on a Windows machine, they may differ from the version of Dreamweaver you are using.  Further instructions such as connecting without a formal site definition can be found in the Dreamweaver manual.

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