All New Pipe Ten Webmail Released

Over the past week you may have noticed that accessing your webmail looks and functions slightly differently.
This post will outline the new changes we have made to our webmail service, and the new features that are available to you.

What’s New?

Visiting webmail will now show a slightly altered page with three options: Webmail, Change Mailbox Password, and Email Support.


The Webmail link will now direct you to our Roundcube 1.1.7 service.

Change Mailbox Password

Clients can now change their password via the Change Mailbox Password link. With this functionality passwords can be reset without needing to log in to your hosting control panel.

Visiting the page in question will provide you with a screen prompting you for the Email address, Old Password, and New Password.

Email Support

The Email Support link will now direct users straight to our mega page for email guides. If you cannot find what you are wanting to do on, please put in a support ticket with your problem.

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