NEW: Private Email Service

After listening to feedback we’ve been busy working on our new private email services. Private, Fully managed, monitored, patched, and bespoke email services designed to give you the tailored experience with few limits.

Our new private mail services offer many of the same technologies as our shared mail services commonly included with hosting accounts, but with more flexibility for volume, storage, anti-spam and private reputation management.

Headline Features

Private IPv4 / Reputation Management with DKIM, SPF and FBL monitoring

Each instance comes with its own private IPv4 address and FBL monitoring so your reputation is not affected by other customers. Added DKIM and SPF adds authority and increases deliver-ability of your email message.

Dedicated/Private Resources

Your own private server with guaranteed CPU, RAM and SSD storage.

Unlimited* Mailboxes / Users, Domains, Domain Admins

Add as many domains, users and mailboxes as you like controlled via web based control panel with ability to add domain administrator accounts and delegate responsibility.

SSL Webmail

Access your email securely from anywhere using the SSL enabled webmail Roundcube software with search, auto-response and other advanced user level features.

Email Client IMAP(s), POP3(s), SMTP(s)

Support for all common email clients with secure SSL enabled IMAP(s), POP3(s) and SMTP(s) services.

Incoming SMTP(s) with Anti-Spam and optional Anti-Virus

Protect you and your customers email from spam and viruses with custom spamassassin rules included and advanced malware filters.

Notable Private Email Features for existing Shared Email Customers

Features our existing email customers have been asking us for, which are now addressed/available on our private email services:

Cheaper, larger, more flexible storage and mailbox quotas

Whether it’s 1 x 20 GB mailbox or 100 x 200 MB Mailboxes, our new mail service is flexible.

DKIM capability

Authenticate your outgoing email as authoritative using DKIM and improve deliver-ability in addition to SPF.

Optionally enforce server to server encryption

Each mailbox can optionally be set to enforce TLS security when exchanging (sending or receiving) emails with third party mail services improving privacy.

Mailbox Control Panel to self manage anti-spam and other users level settings including strong password enforcement

Customisation of the anti-spam and anti-virus systems is made possible at a user level, allowing your clients expanded functionality to tailor their own mailboxes.

User level auto-response (away / vacation messages), canned-response and other advance Roundcube webmail features

Exclusive Roundcube features not available on shared mail servers include autoresponders/away/vacation messages, attachment reminder and zip multi-email download.

Optional backups with capability and free mailbox level email data restores

An optional backup service is available in conjunction with your private mail server with free mailbox level restores, no longer worry about losing email even if you accidentally delete.

No rate-limiting and “private webform” script relay capabilities

Unrestricted utilisation allows you to send as many email as fast as you need, without the risk of being limited* or blocked**. Use the hostname within your website scripts for a private webform relay.

* Limited only by hardware/resource choices.
** Unless you are obviously sending spam or UCE

Find out more about our new private mail services.

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