Recent PHP Changes

You may have noticed some changes to the PHP versions we offers recently. This post will outline the changes we have made to your service, and what they mean.

What’s new?

After thorough in-house testing, PHP 7.1 has now been released on all our shared Linux servers; Providing a whole host of new functions, PHP 7.1 should help to add significant speed increases to your website.
PHP 5.6 has now also been marked as stable after a long period of error free use.

Legacy PHP versions 5.2 & 5.4 have now been removed; Customers are advised to upgrade their PHP to either 5.6 or 7.1 for greater functionality and stability.
Version 5.5 has now moved onto the legacy tag and may be removed in the future.

LibPHP functionality has now been removed from all versions above PHP 5.3. With the recent speed increases to 5.6 & 7.1, PHP can now offer the fast speeds seen with LibPHP while retaining the secure features in FastCGI.

If you would like to upgrade your PHP version, please see the following guide.

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