Install: Orchard 1.10.2

In this guide I’m going to go through the installation of Orchard onto your Windows Hosting account.

This will require dot net 4.5 – You can find servers with this version installed here

Installation steps

Setting up and assigning a dedicated application pool to the domain domain

    First thing you’ll need to do is setup a dedicated Application Pool for the domain you are installing Orchard to.

  1. Click Account > Account Settings.
  2. Within the Dedicated Application Pool section click the Add icon.
  3. Enter your new dedicated application pool name, select the .NET Version 4.0 and Intergrated Pipeline mode. Untick Enable 32-bit application support. Click submit.
  4. Now we need to add the application pool to our domain. Navigate to Domain Settings > Domain Info.
  5. Select the domain you wish to apply the dedicated application pool too.
  6. Within the Web Services section, click the edit icon.
  7. Ensure that ASPNET is enabled and click the Edit icon.
  8. Select your new application pool from the drop down and click Submit.

Install Orchard

First Obtain a copy of Orchard from their website. You will then need to upload these files via FTP

After setting up the application pool and uploading Orchard you are ready to visit your Orchard URL, you should now be able to see the following:
2014-02-20 16 35 33

Fill in the details you desire, selecting the correct database option, then fill in your connection string. To create an MSSQL database please see this guide. Rather than using an external SQL database you can select “Use built-in data storage” which will instead use an SQL-compact file on your disk which requires minimal setup.
2014-02-20 16 35 54

Once you’ve selected the type of website you want to create, click on “Finish Setup” – You’ll then be taken to the installed website, from there you can visit the dashboard and continue editing and creating your Orchard based website.

If you have any questions or tips please post in the comments section below.

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