General Questions

Uploading A Google Web Designer Project

With the recent release of Google Web Designer, there’s never been a more interactive and engaging way to create HTML-5 websites. This quick and easy guide will walk you through uploading your newly made website in 6 quick and easy … Continue reading

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Ports Introduction

The Ports Introduction page will outline what ports do, the common ports that you may encounter, and the relevant areas in which they are applied.

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IP Address Introduction

This guide will outline what an IP address is, why they are used, and important differences between private and public IP.

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VPN Introduction

Within this guide we’ll overlook the use of a VPN, and how you can utilise the service.

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DNS Introduction

This guide will outline what DNS is used for, its structure over the internet, the different types of records, and their uses on a DNS server.

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Accessing the domain tester on

In this article we will discuss how you can access the domain tester through

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iPhone – Sent mail not saving to sent folder.

Emails not saving to your sent mail folder on your iPhone? Follow this guide and you will be sorted in just a few minutes.


Softaculous Installation guide

In this article, I’m going to explain how you can make use of the powerful application installation software within your Linux hosting package, which is known as Softaculous.


Good practices for 404 page

In today’s blog post, we will go over a few dos and don’ts when it comes to creating your websites 404 page.


Linking accounts within

In this tutorial we are going to explain how to link multiple web hosting and domain registration accounts together using our customer account management system at provides customers with a single entry point to access multiple Pipe Ten … Continue reading


Pipe Ten Control Panel Designs

There are several different styles available for your Pipe Ten hosting control panel, to suit your own personal tastes and help you work more efficiently. Below is a run down of them all.


Making the most of social media – Part 2

If you’re like any web master of the 21st Century, you’ll want to seek out ways to increase the reach of your website and services. Utilising social media is one of the easier ways to do this. In this series … Continue reading


Status: NOTAUTHED 2000 : The Authorisation was Declined by the bank.

When adding a resource to your hosting account you may encounter the following error message; Status: NOTAUTHED 2000 : The Authorisation was Declined by the bank.


Get Support Online by Live Chat

Live Chat / Live Support, where you can chat online with a Pipe Ten expert is available from the Pipe Ten website during extended office hours. The Live Chat link may be found at the top of any page on … Continue reading


Google’s new SSL ranking

Last month, Google launched a new ranking algorithm to give SSL enabled websites a ranking boost. SSL is where you see https:// or Padlock symbol in your browser address bar, it means any information you exchange with a website is encrypted … Continue reading

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Safari: Accepting Cookies

Safari features privacy settings that affect what data your computer accepts from websites. Please use the following instructions to ensure your web browser accepts data from Pipe Ten’s website.

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ownCloud: How to use with your mobile device

In this article I will explain how you can unlock the power of ownCloud using your mobile device or tablet. ownCloud provides the ability to connect to your application via your mobile/tablet device running either Android or iOS – The … Continue reading

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Checking your payment has been processed

We are often asked when payments are made to confirm that they have been processed. In this article I will explain how you can access the control panel to check that the payment has been applied to your account.

What is RAID and what does it mean for me?

In this article I will be explaining the different types of RAID and what advantages and disadvantages each has over the others. Throughout our website you may see references to the term “RAID” – This stands for “Redundant Array of Independent Disks” … Continue reading


What is the difference between a relative and absolute URLs?

In this post we are going to discuss the differences, the good and the bad of absolute and relative URLs.