How can I use LetsEncrypt on Pipe Ten?

Now our Linux servers have SNI enabled (Server Name Indication), don’t you want to be able to install a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate? This guide will show you three external tools which can be used to obtain a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate … Continue reading


WordPress 4.8.3 -Security Release

A new version of WordPress has been released, this is mainly to fix an SQL injection bug. WordPress users are advised to update to 4.8.3 as soon as possible.


Joomla! 3.7.4 security release

Joomla! 3.7.4 has been released. This version is a security fix release for the 3.x series. This release includes two security fixes and more than 50 bug fixes. Don’t delay, upgrade your Joomla! sites today.


Joomla! 3.7.3 – Security Release

Joomla! 3.7.3 is now available. We suggest that Joomla! sites are updated immediately to prevent your installations being compromised.  

Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS using web.config

In this blog post, we will cover how you can redirect visitors from the plain text HTTP version of your website over to the secure and encrypted HTTPS version using a web.config file.   We will also cover some reasons as … Continue reading

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Post SSL Install Checklist

After we’ve switched your site to a dedicated IP, installed, and tested your SSL certificate there are a few things you will need to do. This guide will outline how to go about correcting your website so that it is … Continue reading

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Hosting Account Resource Errors / LVE Graphs

You may have at some point received an email regarding fault volume on your domain. This post will outline what LVE does, what you should be looking for, and how you can approach certain issues. LVE is a kernel level … Continue reading

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VPN Introduction

Within this guide we’ll overlook the use of a VPN, and how you can utilise the service.

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Connecting to our VPN service

As some of you may of seen we now offer a secure VPN service to connect safely and securely from your administrative or development computers to your Pipe Ten hosted servers. All Enterprise, Empire, Cloud and Physical server customers get … Continue reading


OpenVPN – Run as administrator – Windows

On Windows desktop machines some applications need to be run as an administrator in order to work correctly. The OpenVPN client used with our Client VPN service is such an application and needs to be run as an admin use … Continue reading

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Securing your full trust application.

We are pleased to offer elevated privileges to our .NET configuration to help ensure popular CMS’s continue to function within our shared hosting environment. As these CMS adapt and develop to be evermore dedicated server focussed, we here at Pipe … Continue reading


Serious Drupal version 7.x SQL injection vulnerability

A serious exploit was discovered in Drupal 7 yesterday evening. This vulnerability is rated highly critical, as it works for anonymous users and can lead to SQL injection and remote code execution. There are currently around 930,000 Drupal 7 installations … Continue reading

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Google’s new SSL ranking

Last month, Google launched a new ranking algorithm to give SSL enabled websites a ranking boost. SSL is where you see https:// or Padlock symbol in your browser address bar, it means any information you exchange with a website is encrypted … Continue reading

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What is fail2ban?

A brief article explaining further just one of the many small things Pipe Ten does to protect its customers and websites.


Mailbox Compromise – Common Causes

Update 2014/02/21: You should pay particular attention to the security of your home router/network. This blog post is for everyone who’s suffered a recent compromise of their mailbox security or those considering how to improve their overall mailbox security.

Recovering From a Site Compromise

So you have received an email stating your website has been compromised, access to the website has been restricted until the website has been cleaned up. So what do you do?


SMF forums security update

To ensure the continued security of your forum it is advised that you update to SMF 2.0.5 without delay. These vulnerabilities do not impact the SMF 1.1.X branch.


Creating a secure password

In this article I’m going to give you a few pointers on what constitutes a more secure password than something basic like “letmein”…

Using a web.config file to block IP addresses

Web.config files are powerful configuration files to be used within a Windows hosting enviroment. They can be used for all sorts of server side configurations, in this example we are going to show you how to use them to block … Continue reading


My website has been hacked

From time to time some people may have their website ‘hacked’ or defaced. When this happens the people behind the hacking tend to upload a malicious files and/or viruses to the website in order to spread their activities.