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How to shrink the MSSQL transaction log

In this guide I’m going to go through the process of shrinking an MSSQL database transaction log. Shrinking your transaction log will allow you to make more space within your database without removing any of the data stored within the … Continue reading

Fixing the “Request Check Failed” Error on Roundcube

If you log in to you webmail via your control panel, you may have received an error preventing you from logging in to any other email accounts. This short guide will explain what causes the CSRF issue is, and what … Continue reading

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Enabling Gzip in your web.config file

In this guide we are going to show you how to enable Gzip on our Windows hosting packages. Gzip is a file format used for file compression and decompression. The most common text based files are HTML, CSS, XML and … Continue reading

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Uploading A Google Web Designer Project

With the recent release of Google Web Designer, there’s never been a more interactive and engaging way to create HTML-5 websites. This quick and easy guide will walk you through uploading your newly made website in 6 quick and easy … Continue reading

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Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS using web.config

In this blog post, we will cover how you can redirect visitors from the plain text HTTP version of your website over to the secure and encrypted HTTPS version using a web.config file.   We will also cover some reasons as … Continue reading

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Accessing the domain tester on

In this article we will discuss how you can access the domain tester through

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How to identify large folders within your account

In this article I’m going to walk you through how you can utilise the File Manager within the control panel to identify large folders, which will help see which domains are taking up the most of your Disk Quota. You … Continue reading


Beating the web.config 250k limit

In this blog post, we will talk about how you can beat the web.config 250k limit by splitting up your web.config into a number of subfiles. Not only can the discussed method be helpful in beating the 250k limit, it … Continue reading


Google and the new TLDs

We’ve been asked by a few questions by various customers about how the new TLDs that are now available are treated by Google with regards to SEO and ranking, so we thought we’d post the answers for everyone to see.

Tutorial: Installing Piwik Website Statistics

In this guide I will walk through how to make use of and install Piwik, the Web Analytics software to your hosting account.


Fixing folder deletion in CyberDuck

We’ve recently been contact by a customer that couldn’t remove some folders within their Linux hosting account using the FTP client CyberDuck. The problem was that they hadn’t set CyberDuck to enable the showing of “hidden” (dot files), .htaccess files … Continue reading


Softaculous Installation guide

In this article, I’m going to explain how you can make use of the powerful application installation software within your Linux hosting package, which is known as Softaculous.


Reaching your mailbox quota? – How to make space

In this blog post, we will cover why you keep reaching your mailbox quota and what you can do to help prevent this.


Good practices for 404 page

In today’s blog post, we will go over a few dos and don’ts when it comes to creating your websites 404 page.


Connecting to our VPN service

As some of you may of seen we now offer a secure VPN service to connect safely and securely from your administrative or development computers to your Pipe Ten hosted servers. All Enterprise, Empire, Cloud and Physical server customers get … Continue reading


MVC Application giving 404/403 Error

We’ve had a number of support requests regarding issues getting MVC applications working whereby the browser is throwing up a 404 file not found error or a 403 denied message.

Windows 10 Mail

In this guide we’re going to talk about how you can configure your email account within the Windows 10 Mail application.

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Windows 10 & Outlook 2013 fixing the 0x800CCC13 error.

Since upgrading to Windows 10, we’ve had reports of customers having problems sending emails in outlook 2013. The following error is being shown when attempting to send “Sending reported error (0x800CCC13): Cannot connect to the network. Check your network connection … Continue reading

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Use your hosts file to test your site without changing DNS

Usually the final thing you’re looking to do after migrating your site over it to test it as thoroughly as possible. In most cases you can fully test the functionality of your newly migrated site with the inbuilt ‘Instant access … Continue reading


Blocking referer link spam with web.config

Why would you block referer links?Most people have some form of analytics linked to their domain so they can see where their visitors are coming from. Spammers have now taken to using referer links to try getting you to visit their website. The way … Continue reading