WooCommerce Wishlist add-on – SQLi Vulnerability

On the 16th of January 2018 a vulnerability was found by Sucuri in a popular plugin for WordPress, YITH WooCommerce Wishlist. This plugin is installed on over half a million sites which is a massive attack surface. We advise all … Continue reading

WordPress 4.9.1 -Security and Maintenance Release

A new version of WordPress has been released. WordPress users are advised to update to 4.9.1 as soon as possible, especially if you are running a version of WordPress >= 3.7.

Install: Orchard 1.10.2

In this guide I’m going to go through the installation of Orchard onto your Windows Hosting account. This will require dot net 4.5 – You can find servers with this version installed here Setting up and assigning a dedicated application … Continue reading

WordPress 4.9 – Feature Release

A new version of WordPress has been released, this release has many features added, developer resources revised as well as new widgets. We advise to update to WordPress 4.9 whenever possible.

How can I use LetsEncrypt on Pipe Ten?

Now our Linux servers have SNI enabled (Server Name Indication), don’t you want to be able to install a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate? This guide will show you three external tools which can be used to obtain a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate … Continue reading


How to setup POP or IMAP email with Mac Mail Version 10

This tutorial will help you set up your Pipe Ten mailbox within Mail Version 10 on a Mac. These instructions should also be similar in newer versions of Mac Mail.

How to login at

In this article we will show you how to login at and what can be accessed.

Install: Drupal

Pipe Ten are one of the leading providers for Drupal Hosting in the UK. Drupal is a popular PHP open-source cms with over 13,000 active developers, 710,148 users in 228 countries speaking 181 languages! It is used for high profile … Continue reading

Joomla! 3.8.1 Release

Joomla! 3.8.1 has been released. This version is a bug fix release for the 3.x series. Don’t delay, upgrade your Joomla! sites today.

WordPress Multisite-Multidomain

How to install WordPress Multisite.

Migrating A WordPress Site between Accounts

In this guide we will be walking you through the steps you should take to migrate a WordPress website between two different hosting accounts with minimal downtime. The later steps of this guide can also be followed to guide you … Continue reading

How to remove WordPress Cache’s

WordPress caching plugins are very common. In this guide we will go through how to delete the caches to troubleshoot problems. It is not necessary to do this if you have not installed a cache plugin for WordPress. WP Super … Continue reading

Install: Articulate (Umbraco Blog Plugin)

In this guide we are going to walk though the installation of Articulate, a blogging plugin for the Umbraco CMS. Please note Umbraco is only available on Windows hosting packages


How to shrink the MSSQL transaction log

In this guide I’m going to go through the process of shrinking an MSSQL database transaction log. Shrinking your transaction log will allow you to make more space within your database without removing any of the data stored within the … Continue reading

WordPress 4.8.1 -Maintenance Release

A new version of WordPress has been released comprised of 29 maintenance fixes and enhancements. WordPress users are advised to update to 4.8.1 at the earliest convenience.

Dedicated Mailer Setup

If you are using our Dedicated Mailer you may have noticed the setup steps vary slightly from those on your Pipe Ten hosting control panel. The following guide will walk you through adding your domain, setting up your mailbox, and … Continue reading

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Joomla! 3.7.3 – Security Release

Joomla! 3.7.3 is now available. We suggest that Joomla! sites are updated immediately to prevent your installations being compromised.  

Recent PHP Changes

You may have noticed some changes to the PHP versions we offers recently. This post will outline the changes we have made to your service, and what they mean.

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NEW: Web hosting package upgrades

Websites hosted with Pipe Ten will not feel the pinch as all web hosting packages have been upgraded to come with generous 1 GB SQL databases! These amazing upgrades are for both new and existing Pipe Ten customers. Full details … Continue reading

New Umbraco Installation Guide

With over 375,000 installations, Umbraco is one of the most deployed Windows based CMS’s on the web. This guide will outline how to install Umbraco on your domain in 10 easy and straight forward steps.