WordPress 4.8.3 -Security Release

A new version of WordPress has been released, this is mainly to fix an SQL injection bug. WordPress users are advised to update to 4.8.3 as soon as possible.


WordPress 4.7.5 – Security & Maintenance Release

A new version of WordPress has been released comprised of 6 security fixes. WordPress users are advised to update to 4.7.5 immediately.

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Enabling WP_DEBUG in WordPress

WP_Debug is a built in debugging tool that when enabled, will display any PHP errors on the front-end of your WordPress website. This tool is ideal for debugging the infamous WordPress white page of death and other coding related issues. … Continue reading

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Security Release – WordPress 4.7.2

A new version of WordPress has been released comprised of 3 security fixes. Users are advised to update to WordPress version 4.7.2 immediately.


Security and Maintenance Release – WordPress 4.7.1

A new version of WordPress has been released comprised of various security and bug fixes. Users are advised to update to WordPress version 4.7.1 immediately.


WordPress 4.7 Released

The awesome WordPress team have released version 4.7 of their amazing blogging CMS. Nicknamed “Vaughan” in honour of the famous Jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughan. Upgrading to 4.7 can easily be done by downloading 4.7 or updating from the WordPress dashboard.


Protecting WP-Admin using Web.config

In this guide, I will be walking through the steps needed to protect your WP-Admin page using the Web.config file so that only specific IP’s can access it. This helps a lot when it comes to protecting the admin from … Continue reading

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WordPress Plugin Dangers

When it comes to WordPress plugins you need to be extra careful. Unverified plugins can compromise your site and become a serious security issue.

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WordPress – Stop PHP executing in /uploads

In this short and simple guide we’re going to talk about and walk though protecting your WordPress /uploads folder, specifically stopping .php files being executed from it. Please note this guide is only for our Linux hosting enviroment.

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New WordPress installation guide

In this guide we are going to walk though the manual installation process for WordPress. WordPress along with 369 applications can be installed on our Linux hosting packages using our 1-Click installer.

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Better handling WordPress 404 Errors

In this guide we are going to talk about better handling 404 page not found errors in WordPress. This can be a problem when the WordPress theme template is used for all 404 errors, running unnecessary PHP code and MySQL … Continue reading

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WordPress performance tips

In this guide we are going to go though some of the best ways to speed up your WordPress installation. As I’m sure most of you will agree, a slow or poorly performing site is a massive no, no. If … Continue reading

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Huge wp_options table? Here’s what you can do

Recently I’ve noticed a number of customers contact support with very large WordPress databases. The main reason for this appears to be a very large wp_options table caused by transient database entries. WordPress uses these transient entries to cache certain … Continue reading

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New Application Hosting Packages

We are please to announce the introduction of a range of new specialist hosting packages specifically designed to host website applications. Prices start from a permanent low price of just £3 per month. The supported Applications have started with WordPress, … Continue reading

How to disable all WordPress plugins

When developing or debugging a WordPress website it might be necessary to disable all your currently enabled WordPress plugins at once. Often if you need to do this, you might not be able to access the plugins section within Wp-Admin. … Continue reading

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Protecting WordPress uploads for non-logged in users

If you run a private community or members only website using WordPress, by default anyone can download your attachments/uploads/files. This isn’t ideal especially if you only want to provide access to these files for your members and don’t want the … Continue reading

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Moving your WordPress development site to a live site

When doing development on a WordPress website many of you (myself included) develop the website on a testing / sub domain and then move the installation over to your live domain. In this tutorial we are going to show you … Continue reading

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WordPress – Themes & reputable sources

As you can probably tell from the rest of my posts, WordPress is my personal choice for a CMS (content management system) when it comes to web design and development within a Linux enviroment. Having been around since 2003, with … Continue reading

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WordPress Password Reset

Aggghh! You have locked yourself out of your WordPress website and the password rest link is not working, now what do you do?

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Automatic Updates In WordPress

Updating WordPress is a fundamental part of keeping your site safe. It can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of experience with it – that’s why we are going to show you how auto-updates work, how to configure … Continue reading

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