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Adding a new account to Outlook 2007

This guide will show step-by-step instructions for adding a new account to Outlook 2007.

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WordPress Plugin Dangers

When it comes to WordPress plugins you need to be extra careful. Unverified plugins can compromise your site and become a serious security issue.

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Hosting Account Resource Errors / LVE Graphs

You may have at some point received an email regarding fault volume on your domain. This post will outline what LVE does, what you should be looking for, and how you can approach certain issues. LVE is a kernel level … Continue reading

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DNS Introduction

This guide will outline what DNS is used for, its structure over the internet, the different types of records, and their uses on a DNS server.

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Accessing the domain tester on my.pipe.co

In this article we will discuss how you can access the domain tester through my.pipe.co.

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Setting up Pipe Ten Email on your iPhone / iPad IOS 9

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to setup your Pipe Ten mailboxes with your iPhone or iPad on iOS9.

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iPhone – Sent mail not saving to sent folder.

Emails not saving to your sent mail folder on your iPhone? Follow this guide and you will be sorted in just a few minutes.


How to identify large folders within your account

In this article I’m going to walk you through how you can utilise the File Manager within the control panel to identify large folders, which will help see which domains are taking up the most of your Disk Quota. You … Continue reading


Beating the web.config 250k limit

In this blog post, we will talk about how you can beat the web.config 250k limit by splitting up your web.config into a number of subfiles. Not only can the discussed method be helpful in beating the 250k limit, it … Continue reading


How to turn Umbraco into a CRM

Every business should have a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to help with the organisation of the companies relationships and interactions with customers. The guys over at GrowCreate have developed a fantastic add-on package for Umbraco, that creates a fully … Continue reading

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Joomla Security: Anti-Malware Scan Script

In this article I will be talking about how you can utilise the JAMMS script to help take identify malware within your Joomla! installations.

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Tutorial: Installing Piwik Website Statistics

In this guide I will walk through how to make use of and install Piwik, the Web Analytics software to your hosting account.


Setting a new document root with .htaccess

In today’s blog post we will cover setting a new document root with .htaccess. Let’s first go over why you’d want to set a new document root. This blog only applies to customers on our Linux hosting plans.

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Outlook 2016 setup guide

In this guide we’re going to walk through setting up your Pipe Ten email with the new Outlook 2016 email client. In this example we will be setting up a POP mailbox, but Outlook supports both POP and IMAP.


Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS using .htaccess

In this blog post, we will cover how you can redirect visitors from the plain text HTTP version of your website over to the secure and encrypted HTTPS version using a .htaccess file. We will also cover some reasons as to … Continue reading

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Resetting the Umbraco admin password

Your Umbraco site might initially of been setup by a developer you’ve lost touch with, you’ve changed computers or you’ve simply forgot the password. In this guide we’re going to walk through the various ways we can reset the Umbraco … Continue reading

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Choosing between FastCGI and libphp

This blog post will cover FastCGI and Libphp, highlighting their pros and cons before stating which one we believe you should use within the Pipe Ten hosting environment.

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WordPress – Stop PHP executing in /uploads

In this short and simple guide we’re going to talk about and walk though protecting your WordPress /uploads folder, specifically stopping .php files being executed from it. Please note this guide is only for our Linux hosting enviroment.

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Umbraco 7.3.1 Image error fix

We’ve been contacted by a number of customers with issues with images not displaying correctly and redirecting to the login.aspx file in Umbraco 7.3.1. Here’s two ways to fix it.

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Softaculous Installation guide

In this article, I’m going to explain how you can make use of the powerful application installation software within your Linux hosting package, which is known as Softaculous.